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Weeds In Hydroseed

     The most common question we get is "How many weeds will i have in my lawn if I hydroseed?"

We use only the highest quality seed blends that are certified 99% weed free. However anyone who hydroseeds is going to have some weeds in there new lawn.

This is because there are millions of dormant weed seeds in your soil ready to sprout. Once we hydroseed your lawn into freshly prepared soil you will begin to

water it daily, also we addfertilizer into the hydroseed. All of these factors contribute to encouraging your grass to develop and grow as fast as possible,

unfortunatley the dormant weed seeds in your soil recieve all of the same ideal conditions. As a result the weeds in your soil and the grasseed that we spray

onto your soil will both thrive.  We have hydroseeded thousands of properties over the last 3 decades, and have observed the hydroseed process more times

then we can count. NEVER, I repeat NEVER do we worry about the amount of weeds overtaking your new grass, with proper care (such as mowing, watering,

fertilizing and spraying a broadleaf weed killer) grass will always choke out the weeds. The gameplan is always the same and very simple. Once you start

mowing the grass your lawn will begin to take shape and look better each week. Once your lawn has been mowed 3-4 times it is probably mature enough for

a liquid weed spray, which we offer. However if you follow our suggestions(found under preparing for seed section) you will have far fewer weeds as a result

of spraying round up on your soil prior to hydroseeding. 


Every soil has different amounts of weed seeds and its very difficult to predict how many total weeds will sprout. The more you spray round up and weed killer

on your weeds in the months or years prior to hydroseeding the less weeds you will have. Either way don't stress about it we can kill them later. Lastly be

aware that we can kill weeds in your grass 10-13 weeks after we hydroseed, however if you have wild thick bladed perrenial grasses in your soil such as

Johnson Grass, Quack Grass, Brome, etc. these grasses can only be killed with round up there for hopefully these grasses are killed prior to hydroseed. Wild

grasses are far more difficult to deal with then weeds, because they are permenant whereas weeds are a short term temporary problem.